Most white papers contain a lot of complex information for ordinary users, there is a lot of data about blockchain, about their work, about their solutions, about how many users there are on the planet, and some write about the fact that their companies will save endangered animals and make revolutionary technology, describing everything in an incomprehensible way. Moreover, in whitepapers, they usually write what the problem is, although in most cases it was created by those who wrote it. In white papers, there are also links to various books and studies.

Nothing like this will be in our white paper.

What does a user need?
The answer is simple, the project must be appealing, and the team's approach to the project matters, and the team’s activities are the fundamental success.

We do not announce any revolutionary technologies, that we will save the planet. We do not say that our project is a breakthrough in the world of blockchain. We will simply describe in simple words our marketplace project for the implementation of various crowdfunding projects through cryptocurrencies, which will be more functional, more advanced, more comfortable than any available ones.

As you know, the top, well-known crowdfunding sites attract a lot of users, and still there is a great number of start-up companies which cannot get into such sites due to the bureaucratic system for selecting startups. Therefore, we decided that the community needs just such a platform, where there is more freedom and decentralization, and it is called DeFi StartupMarket.io, which is a new generation platform for financing any startups.

Startupmarket.io will be designed to implement various projects under the crowdfunding scheme, i.e. voluntary donations and fees, and it will be used for the following projects:
- creative, scientific or industrial projects
- projects in the crypto industry
- IT projects
- platform for funding existing companies
- Something else will be presented after the opening of the platform

An important difference between our project and companies known to the community is that we will be open to all countries of the world, so any country can participate.
Moreover, there will be no fees in fiat funds on StartupMarket.io, we remove all barriers for participants, investors and teams, because all fees will be paid in cryptocurrency.
In addition, our website will be translated into 20+ languages, which will allow us to overcome the language barrier and increase the implementation of startups, inventions, and various ideas.

We have decided to tokenize our company by issuing 10,000 NFTs, we call them shares.
Future Development
Marketing PR
Allocation NFTs
Total for sale 7000 NFTs
Starting price 1 NFTs = 10 TON, then the price increases by 10 TON, each subsequent 1000 NFTs
Holders of our NFTs, which we call StartupMarket.io shares, will have great benefits:
- Holders of our NFTs will be given priority when launching their project
- 5% royalty forever, it will be credited to the first NFT holder from each resale (only for holders of the first thousand NFTs)
-All holders of our NFTs will receive a percentage of all commission payments on StartupMarket.io
-Our own token will be issued, tokenomics and the benefits of its use will be announced before the opening of the StartupMarket.io platform, and we would not like to talk about the advantages of using it for the holders of our NFTs until the opening of the site
-Holders of our NFTs will receive an early advantage, including new features and updates from StartupMarket.io
-StartupMarket.io will expand. We will announce how we are going to do that after the launch of the project. So far, we don't want to talk about it, we don't want potential competitors to do the same now
-All buyers of our NFTs will always have privileges on StartupMarket.io. Yes, you will get a special VIP user status
-StartupMarket.io will release its apps for mobile devices

These are not all the advantages of our project; we would like to keep silent about some of them for now.
Certainly, StartupMarket.io will be the best platform for crowdfunding.

Of course, we will make every effort to implement it and make it the best project, because we are as interested in this as you are, because a holder wins.

If you like our project, we invite you to participate while there is still such an opportunity.

Even in the early stages of implementation, a successful startup can bring significant profits, which is the reason for the popularity of investing in startups.

Invest in startups!